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Bank On This Financial Tips Videos

The City of Savannah’s Government Television uploaded financial tips videos from Bank On This segments: These videos are a great way to get financial tips during the #COV-19 quarantine. Although we cannot provide in-person financial workshops, thanks to Wayne Nix…

A Summer in Savannah: Part 1

A Summer in Savannah: Part 1

Welcome aboard!  The CCCS of Savannah welcomed Isabelle Kingsley as a Financial and Communication Support intern to our offices earlier this summer. Her internship is continuing CCCS’s partnership with the Sheperd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP, pronounced “shep”) for…

Holiday Shopping Tips: What You Need to Know

Yellow Credit Packets

CCCS LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY SHOPPING TIPS TO PREVENT DEBT STRESS Savannah, GA – With the holiday season in full swing it’s easy for stressed consumers to stop living within their budget.  They simply pull out their credit cards and assume they…

CCCS Monthly Newsletter: May 2017

CCCS Monthly Newsletter: May 2017

CCCS Monthly Newsletter for May 2017       CCCS Monthly Newsletter: to learn more about the CCCS and CCCS monthly newsletters, click here. To learn more about volunteering in Savannah, click here.

Results and Satisfaction: the CCCS’ Impact

Results and Satisfaction: the CCCS' Impact

Look at the significant changes in results and satisfaction in CCCS’ clients! Further, for more information about our services, click here. To see the FINRA Foundation’s study of Financial Capability, click here.

How to Make a Budget

How to Make a Budget

A budget is a plan that shows you how you can spend your money every month. Making a budget can help you make sure you do not run out of money each month. Follow these steps on how to make…

Federal Student Loans: What You Need to Know

Federal Student Loans

Many students cannot afford to go to college without federal student loans. First, potential college students should apply for financial aid at Then, students should review their financial aid award letter to see what loans they can get. The…

Mortgage Modification Scam Alert

Section 8 Website Scams: Warnings Issued by FTC and HUD

If you are looking for a mortgage modification or you need help with an impending Foreclosure, you should work with a HUD-approved counseling agency. In fact, CCCS is a HUD-approved counseling agency and we can offer help. CCCS can determine…