Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Savannah

CCCS is a local, non-profit agency whose financial experts have been making sense of finances for over 50 years. Our goal is to help clients reduce their debt, improve their credit, and achieve successful homeownership through counseling and education. To set an appointment, please call us at 912-691-2227.

Success Stories

The Millers successfully paid off $43,375 in debt with CCCS’ debt management plan (DMP). Here’s what they had to say about their situation: “The debt was very stressful and paying bills was something I dreaded doing each month…After I got referred by the financial adviser on base, I knew after our meeting with the CCCS […]

The Millers

 We had the pleasure of talking with Doris Green, a new homeowner that participated in our First Time Homebuyer Workshop in March. Her journey towards homeownership began in 2008 with a one-on-one homebuyer session. Three days before closing on her house, the deal fell through because of something negative on her credit report. By continuing […]

Doris Green

Mr. Morgan recently completed his Debt Management Plan (DMP) and wanted to share his story. “I was in debt and could not find my way out of it on my own. I was barely able to make minimum payments and my interest was high. I had done research and found that CCCS was recommended by […]

$19,970.88 of Debt Gone!