Improve Your Credit Score

Meet with one of our certified counselors and help improve your credit score. We provide free credit report reviews to create an action plan to improve your credit.

Credit Report Errors and How to Dispute Them

How We Improve Your Score

CCCS offers one-on-one counseling or workshops that help you discover how to improve your credit score. With expert advise and guidance, you will learn how your credit report can affect your financial health.

During these sessions, a certified counselor will review your credit report with you, addressing questions and concerns while reviewing your credit report line by line. You will find out how to correct and dispute errors on your credit report and leave with a customized action plan to improve credit.

What is Credit?

Your credit report determines many factors. From interest rates, mortgage rates, to eligibility of banking products. Credit health is fundamental to overall financial wellbeing.

Make credit health a priority and learn your credit history. Make an appointment to work with a counselor and review your credit report. CCCS counselors can pull your credit report and provide you with a FICO score.

Watch our video series on improving credit to learn more.

Credit Tips

Once a year, pull and print your credit reports for free at By reviewing all three reports, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, you will have a holistic review of your credit health. 

If you’re a Georgia resident, Georgia state law gives you two additional rounds of reports, so do not pay for credit monitoring service.

  • Call to order if you cannot pull online.
  • Put a fraud alert if you suspect identity theft.
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