Become Debt Free

Become debt free with the Debt Management Plan. This program offers an easy and consolidated way to repay your creditors and get out of debt.

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Are you struggling to keep up with your credit payments? A Debt Management Plan can help.

CCCS works with you to come up with a payment that will fit your budget. With low fees and no upfront financial commitment, the Debt Management Plan could be right for you. You can save you hundreds of dollars a month in fees and interests and can be an alternative to bankruptcy.

It can also help you:
• Lower monthly payments
• Reduce Interest Rates
• Waive fees
• Stop collection calls
• Stop collection fees
• Relieve financial stress

Do you struggle making ends meet? Do you rely on credit cards to ? Are you sick of dealing with collection calls? We can help you make a plan and become debt free!

Why choose a Debt Management Plan?

Talk with one of our certified credit counselors to discover your options that are tailored to your needs. Benefits of the debt management plan includes:

  • One affordable monthly payment
  • Lowers your interest rate
  • Can improve credit score
  • Stops collection calls
  • Improve your credit score

A debt management plan could save your hundreds of dollars in fees and interest. It could also be an alternative to bankruptcy. Medical bills, personal loans and credit cards can all be included in the plan.

Avoid using debt settlement companies that use your initial payments for their fees while not communicating with your creditors. You may be able to settle debts yourself by speaking to the creditor directly.

CCCS works directly with your creditors to lower your monthly payments. Get on track to your financial freedom.

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