Success Stories: Hear From Our Clients

Additional success stories from clients:

“I have a financial structure to guide me through the rest of my life now and I know the difference between what I need and what I want. I give great thanks to the staff at CCCS for being so awesome, passionate, and caring about their work and realizing how important it is to help people. They have always made me feel comfortable no matter what my questions and concerns were. I’d highly recommend this program to anybody that needs and wants to save themselves from financial ruin”.

“I came to get advice regarding my credit – building my credit score, clearing up mu credit due to identity fraud. I recently submitted an application for Habitat for Humanity home. My credit score was 572 and is now 709. I wanted to thank you for your advice. It took just a little nudge from you for me to continue to be proactive. It’s a great feeling. Thank you very much, Jennifer Sikes.”    


Shirley was entering foreclosure and didn’t know where to go or know what to do, so she visited CCCS for guidance. With the information that was provided,

Shirley gained a new outlook. With the help from CCCS and an anonymous contributor from the United Way, Shirley was able to keep her home from going into foreclosure.

When asked what difference has CCCS made in her life, Shirley said, “a burden was released from our family’s life.”

“The two workers I met where a gift from God and I really appreciate their assistance. People need to go the sessions; they are very beneficial.”


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