Is it Time to Act on Your Debt?

Is it Time to Act on Your Debt?

Is it time to act on your debt? Last month we surveyed CCCS clients who recently started a debt management plan (DMP). A client shared the quote above about Kathryn Hubbard, our Financial Capability Coordinator. CCCS hired Ms. Hubbard to provide financial workshops and individual sessions in Beaufort, SC and Savannah, GA. Due to COVID-19, she can still serve both areas via virtual tools and the phone. Ms. Hubbard has been with the agency for several years after graduating from Georgia Tech University. Not only is she smart, but she shows compassion to community members who are dealing with debt.

As the client points out, debt can cause shame. Unfortunately, when we have shame, we are less likely to act. The client overcame her shame and reached out to CCCS. During the meeting with Ms. Hubbard, she felt comfortable speaking about solutions for her debt and now is on the path to becoming debt-free. We often ignore the feelings that debt causes.

Yet, it is important to acknowledge that debt can cause shame and isolation. Check out this Star Tribune article to learn more about debt shame. At CCCS, we hear clients say things like, “I have no one to blame but myself” or “I got myself into this mess, I am the only one that can get myself out”. These feelings are understandable, but the CCCS team has a motto: “No Shame, No Blame”. We want to listen to a client’s situation, acknowledge it, and then discuss options and solutions to help them reach their goals.

Is it Time to Act on Your Debt? If you are dealing with debt, please call 912-691-2227 to set an appointment today.

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