Horizons Savannah ☀️ Summer 2018

For the fourth summer in a row, CCCS partnered with Horizons Savannah to build the financial knowledge of 55 middle school campers.  Over eight sessions, CCCS taught financial literacy by playing VISA’s financial football and practicing price-comparison. Also, campers identified career options and conducted a budget simulation.

CCCS’ Director of Financial Education, Richard Reeve, began the summer by talking about spending and saving habits. The students answered questions about where they save their money, how they get their money, and saving for college. It’s important to educate students about good spending and savings habits so they have options when they get older.

Mr. Reeve asked the students about their hobbies and aspirations. The most common dream jobs were Youtuber, professional athlete, and small business owner. The week ended with VISA’s financial football which was both entertaining and engaging. The students split up into opposing NFL teams. The online game counted yards and field goals when the students answered the financial-themed questions correctly. The questions focused on savings, checking accounts, debit and credit cards.

The activities were realistic and applicable to the middle schooler’s lifestyle. For example, facilitators asked students to write down the price of chips, soda, and candy, and then the facilitator revealed the “corner store” price. The middle schoolers all guessed much lower than the actual price and the cost of popular snacks surprised them. The student whose guess was the closest to the actual price took the item home.

In later sessions, facilitators asked students several questions, and based on their answers they were able to review a few potential occupations. This simulation was especially useful because it outlined different clubs and steps students should take to help them prepare for their potential field of work.

A budget simulation guided the students through paying for utilities, a house, groceries, and more. The simulation ran at the mid-point of the eight classes so students had a foundation of financial knowledge. They were able to understand the difference between a debit and credit card when thinking about how to pay for groceries.

The final session was a Career Day with CCCS. The CCCS brought in several guest speakers from the area who spoke about savings, planning ahead, and professionalism. Guest speakers included: Step Up Savannah’s Chatham Apprentice Program (CAP) Manager, Isaac Felton and CAP Coordinator, Edward Gresham, Jacqueline Sumpter from Savannah High’s Nail Institute and CCCS volunteer, and Ernest Chisholm III from Goodwill Southeast Georgia.