Become Debt Free

Your Options for Becoming Debt Free:

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is a debt repayment option that provides you with a consolidated way to pay your creditors. By participating in a DMP, you can become debt free in three to five years. It is a  payment plan for credit cards, medical bills, and collection accounts. A DMP can:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Reduce interest rates
  • Waive fees
  • Stop collection calls
  • Stop late fees
  • Relieve your financial stress

CCCS’ DMP can save a client hundreds of dollars a month in fees and interests and can be an alternative to bankruptcy.

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Did you know… After one year of counseling there was a 121% increase in the number of clients who are paying down their debt each month.

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Debt Tips

  • If you find yourself in debt, stop using your credit cards immediately.
  • Speak with creditors about options before  you miss a payment.
  • If you have student loan debt, request a forbearance. If you have a hardship, consolidate multiple loans and see if you qualify for income-based repayment.
  • If you have medical bills, call to see if you qualify for a hardship, prompt pay discount or payment plan.
  • If you have collection accounts you plan on settling on, get the settlement in writing, pay with cashier’s check/money order, and send payment as certified mail.
  • If you have multiple debts consider power pay: As soon as you pay off one debt, you roll that monthly amount over to another debt.
  • Avoid using debt settlement companies that use your initial payments for their fees while not communicating with your creditors.  You may be able to settle debts yourself by speaking to the creditor directly.
  • Call CCCS, 800-821-4040.


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