Financial Steps for COVID-19

Financial Tips for COVID-19

Financial Step for COVID-19 One: Maximize Income

Financial Steps for COVID-19
Phone Benefit Screenings

Financial Step for COVID-19 Two: Rank Expenses

After you have maximized your income, prepare a three-month crisis budget that focuses on your needs. A helpful tool from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Everything Else

Financial Step for COVID-19 Three: Communicate with Creditors

  • Call before you miss or are late with payments
  • Use creditors’ websites to avoid long hold times on the phone
  • Mortgages, Cars, Student Loans, and Credit Cards
  • Get details of offers-Ask about a forbearance (time without payments)? How long? What happens to interest? How do you report it on the credit report? Repayment terms-lumpsum or overtime?
Financial Steps for COVID-19
Dealing with Mortgage Company from NCRC

Tips for Student Loans:

Financial Steps for COVID-19: Call 912-691-2227 or visit for a phone or virtual counseling session.