Avoid Identity Theft

Avoid Identify Theft by using these five methods:

To avoid identity theft, try these five tips:

  1. Shred financial documents and paperwork with personal information before you discard them.
  2. Keep your personal information in a secure place.
  3. Review your bank and credit card statements every month.
  4. Before entering personal information online, make sure it is a secured website. Secured websites often have “https:” at the beginning.
  5. Contact your creditor immediately if someone steals your purse or wallet.
Identity Theft: How to Avoid it
Avoid Identity Theft

Avoid Identity Theft: It happens when unauthorized individuals steal or use your personal information. Identity thieves try to steal bank and credit card statements, tax information, and social security numbers. If you believe that you are a victim of Identity theft, take action. First, you should put an alert on all three credit bureaus by contacting one of them. Then, you should review a copy of your report and address any fraudulent information. The three nationwide consumer reporting companies have toll-free numbers:

Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Experian: 1-888-397-3742
TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289

To contact a financial counselor to help you with identity theft, click here.