Avoid Foreclosure


Can CCCS save a person’s home? CCCS is a HUD-approved housing counseling center. Also, our HUD Certified Housing Counselors know what options are available whether under a conventional loan, FHA loan, USDA, or VA loan. In fact, it is often that we can assist in helping clients stay in their homes.

What is foreclosure? Foreclosure is the legal process lenders follow to take possession of a home when borrowers have not made agreed-upon mortgage payments. Most lenders begin the foreclosure process when payments are three months or more late, but it can begin sooner.

What if someone claims they can stop foreclosure if you let them become your representative? Learn as much as you can about the representative and company before you sign anything. Also, seek advice from an attorney or housing counselor. Never sign any document without reading and understanding it in full.

How can CCCS help someone if they can no longer pay their mortgage? CCCS counselors can talk to clients about loan modification to decrease mortgage payments. They can also create a priority household budget for clients to follow to afford payments.