Financial Quizzes

Do you think you are financially savvy? Test your financial knowledge and skills by taking a few financial quizzes. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Financial Literacy Quiz
FINRA Financial Literacy Quiz
Test your financial literacy with a 5 question quiz from FINRA.
Life Values
Life Values
The Life Values quiz will help you determine a combination of decision factors that drive your financial decisions.
Money Skills: Your Financial Personality
Better Money Skills: Your Financial Personality
Find out what your financial personality is to help you better understand why you might get into money trouble, recognize your personal danger signs and think about how to change your underlying attitudes.
Risk Tolerance
Invest Risk Tolerance Quiz
Get an idea of your risk tolerance. 
Personal Finance
Personal Finance Test
Can you past the personal finance test? See you how compare to a group of students.
Credit Score
Do You Know the Score on Your Credit?
It pays to know your credit score and how to boost it. Take the quiz to unwrap the mystery.
Investor Knowledge
Investor Knowledge Quiz
Find out if you know the basics to investing. 
What's Your Financial IQ?
Test your Financial IQ.
Take this 6 question quiz to find out your financial IQ. Check the results and explanations after completeing the quiz.