$19,970.88 of Debt Gone!

Mr. Morgan recently completed his Debt Management Plan (DMP) and wanted to share his story.

“I was in debt and could not find my way out of it on my own. I was barely able to make minimum payments and my interest was high. I had done research and found that CCCS was recommended by both Clark Howard and Susie Ormond. They helped me consolidate my payments and negotiate a lower interest rate for each of my creditors. They consolidated it all into one monthly payment drafted from my account monthly and I never had to worry about late payments again! Everyone at CCCS has been extremely helpful and friendly. As a result, I am no longer in debt and I have recommended/will recommend this service to anyone that is looking to gain control of their debt!”

Congratulations, Mr. Morgan! Much success to you and your family.

The CCCS Team

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