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Success Stories

CCCS is proud of its reputation as an innovative leader in financial education and quality counseling. No matter the economic forecast, CCCS is dedicated to assisting families in achieving financial success. Here are a few client comments and success stories. We hope these success stories encourage you to take your first step towards financial freedom.


Feature Success Story

“Mrs. Harris is excellent! She made me feel very comfortable and her assertiveness when speaking on the phone and with the mortgage representative was impressive and I hope to work with Mrs. Harris again in the future.”

Shirley was entering foreclosure and didn’t know where to go or know what to do, so she visited CCCS for guidance. With the information that was provided, Shirley gained a new outlook. With the help from CCCS and an anonymous contributor from the United Way, Shirley was able to keep her home from going into foreclosure. When asked what difference has CCCS made in her life, Shirley said, “a burden was released from our family’s life.”                                                                                                                                                                                                        “The two workers I met where a gift from God and I really appreciate their assistance. People need to go the sessions; they are very beneficial.” -Shirley

“I had massive college debt on my credit cards and I was overwhelmed. I also had mounting hospital bills and I was in my twenties. CCCS helped me breathe again! I was able to make montlhy paymente, therefore keeping me fiscally responsible. Thanks to CCCS I am in graduate school and my bills and overload are now paid off. I have no debt and I am able to get my masters from Savannah State.” -Debt Management Client

“I came to get advice regarding my credit – building my credit score, clearing up mu credit due to identity fraud. I recently submitted an application for Habitat for Humanity home. My credit score was 572 and is now 709. I wanted to thank you for your advice. It took just a little nudge from you for me to continue to being proactive. It’s a great feeling. Thank you very much Jennifer Sikes.”                          -Margaretta

“Best staff ever, enjoyed Theresa and Latrelle.”

“CCCS processed my HomeSafe Georgia application within a month. My application was later approved by GA Dept. of Community Affairs for temporary mortgage assistance. Due to CCCS’ prompt processing of my application I was relieved of the stress and worry of how I was going to pay my mortgage. Since my HomeSafe GA application was processed by CCCS and approved by the state officials, I am now able to seek employment without worrying about my housing situation. I am thankful for the professional and timely service provided by CCCS and Elaine.”                -HomeSafe GA Client

“Richard is our account representative and he is always there to answer questions.  He is very helpful!  I appreciate Richard’s assistance”.