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CCCS provides FREE one-on-one first time home buying counseling sessions. Your housing counselor will provide you a budget, credit report analysis, and an action plan to help you achieve the goal of home ownership.

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CCCS offers a FREE 8-hour First Time Home Buyer Workshop, free of charge. The workshop provides information on financing options, pre qualifying for a mortgage, down-payment assistance programs, working with a Realtor, making an offer on a home, home inspections, home owner’s insurance, closing a loan transaction, and fair housing.

Successful participants receive a certificate recognized by the City of Savannah’s DreamMaker, GA Dream, and SC Housing down payment assistance programs.

ACT NOWCall CCCS today to set a one-on-one session with a counselor,    800-821-4040.


Richard Reeve talking to a Homebuyer class

CCCS also offers post-purchase counseling sessions where you can learn how to be a successful homeowner.  Your housing counselor can help you set up a realistic household spending plan to help you meet your payment obligations and save for major purchases and repairs.


Do you still have questions about buying a home? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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