Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Savannah

Making Sense of finances for over 50 years


Help Us Continue Our Work

 Our small nonprofit was created by the citizens of Savannah in 1965 to combat the rise of personal debt and the spread of false financial information. CCCS was born out of the understanding that access to financial empowerment tools could grant all members of its community the opportunity to live debt free.

For over 50 years, CCCS has been providing the Savannah community with key tools to financial empowerment including but not limited to free financial coaching, free debt management assistance and free personalized household spending plans. Since our creation, CCCS has served 178,000 community members, and helped our clients repay $86,000,000 in financial debt. Help us to continue our work for another 50 years. Donate to CCCS and support financial empowerment in Savannah. 

Any donation given goes to support one of our 6 financial services and free community workshops and classes.

Want to do more …. Become a CCCS Volunteer for more information email Janae Robinson at